January 22, 2008

What is this card for?

My father asked when he opened his mail. I had to explain that they were STD's and he could put it up on his fridge. He replied (after making a funny comment on the STD's Acroynm)- I know when the date for the wedding is - I am paying for it!! But it is now on the fridge ;)

As of now - everyone should have received your Save the Dates. They have been a little bit of a process since the company I dealt with to print them really messed them up and took two months to ship. However - water under the bridge because people have received them!

My dear friend Jenny helped collaborate with me on the design. I absolutely love how they turned out! Jenny is a Graphic Designer and if you need some creativeness - please don't hesitate to contact her! Her website is http://www.jcthompsondesign.com/
And I had such a darn time finding stamps that matched and refused to spend a lot of money creating them. Therefore - I scavanged up these old True Blue stamps -- which I think are adorable!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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January 14, 2008

Phew...We can now rock and roll!

As with everyone, the holidays got a little crazy around here. However we are back to the grind and I have some updates on our latest finds (love a little rhyme).

Something that has been a point of concern lately is the music. I loved a band and the band was booked (as luck would have it), therefore I needed to find a new source of tunes. While I was distracted with the idea of finding an identical band to the one I love, I realized that that could simply not happen. Everyone has their own groove which makes them popular. So I switched to Gigmasters to see if they had any suggestions. Talk about a wealth of information...I was suddenly getting quotes left and right and tons of CD's in the mail. I eventually booked one based on their amazing lead singer's voice and the energy that I felt when I watched their video.

A couple of months later, I was still worried. While most of the bands had been very prompt in responding to my emails - there were pauses of communication sometimes spanning a week. I grew more worried and started to research new bands. J convinced me to give them a chance and let's check them out.

Check them out we did...this past weekend and boy am I glad! We drove to Birmingham, AL and stayed the night just to watch them play at Cafe Firenze. (If you are ever in that area, the Crazy Cajun next door has excellent food!) I am so glad that we had a chance to chat with them and everything helped reassure me that we picked an excellent band to get our people dancing and laughing. They explained why there was a disruption in the emails and that it will get better. They were so down to earth, J and I talked to them for quite some time. Then we sat back and listened to them bring the bar to their feet.
So ladies and gents -- we can now rock way into the night!

If you want to check them out further - click away! Nationwide Coverage


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