June 29, 2008

We are Back!!

It has definitely been some time since my last post - but things got really crazy weeks before the wedding! We just got back from St. Lucia and had an absolute blast! I will fill in both details, pictures, and reviews eventually - when we have had a chance to unpack and rest!

In the meantime - check out my fabulous photographer Francesco De Tito! www.detitofotografie.com and then click on "enter site". Watch the opening slideshow and see if you recognized anyone on there!! ;)

He is just amazing...

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May 19, 2008

The invitations...

Hopefully everyone has received their invitations. It has been a slightly frustrating week as we keep receiving more invitations with the wrong addresses (sad!). So for those that are wondering - yes you are invited and it should get to you any day now!! And if it gets lost in the mail - you can now see them below!

If you remember the stamps I wrote about here, they took forever to put on - but I absolutely loved the result! There were a couple of different set ups - depending on the recipient. Family and friends in MN and TX received their statehood stamps. I sent most of the Georgians the statehood and water conservation stamp as a joke! And most golfers received the Bobby Jones stamp!

Jenny Thompson Sciullo originally designed the invitations however they were too hard to Gocco. Brandon Watkins helped me redesign them to make it easier to gocco. He was wonderful as I put him through so much because I couldn't decide what I wanted. I think they turned out great though!! If you don't know what the Gocco is - see below! You have to basically print it screen by screen - wait for everything to dry and then print the next image. Below is the first image for the invitation.

He was incredibly helpful! I had these prints all over the house trying to dry them!

The simplicity of the invitations were modeled after Mrs. Penguin's on Weddingbee.com!

I purchased a stamp from Sweet Papery on etsy and loved how it looked on the back of the invitations! I hate that I have to 'ruin' the entire design!

My best friend - Mrs DPT wrote all the invitations! I love her handwriting - so simple and beautiful. I hate that I have to also cross out some of her writing - but I am sure some people would appreciate a little privacy!

All in all - I loved the entire process! It took me a while - but I am proud of them and learning a new craft - Gocco here we go!

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Allianz Love...

I had no idea that I was getting a shower from my company. I mean - you always hope they think enough of you to have a party for you - but you never assume. So to admit that I was completely surprised and floored when I walked in to a party - it a complete understatement.

Dave and I went out to get pizza for the office for lunch and when we got back the conference doors were closed. Immediately curious - but not suspicious - I asked where to put the food since our usual place was occupied. Phil, my boss, walked around the corner and said - in the conference room! Even more confused - I just looked at him. And he swung open the doors and everyone yelled surprise! I just had this cheesy smile on my face and when I walked in and spied my future husband, I just kept on grinning!

My office is absolutely amazing and I loved every little detail that they thought of!
I had a great time and it was an awesome party!

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A little loving from EMC

This past Friday, we drove to Birmingham to the open arms of Jt's Office! They generously through us our first shower and it was quite exciting!

We were a little nervous because (a) We were late due to traffic/construction (b) I was meeting most of the office for the first time and (c) because we knew all eyes would be on us! And we both are a little intimidated of actually being in front of a big crowd. Don't get me wrong - we are as boisterous as they come - with the people we know!

They catered yummy BBQ (J's favorite) and the cake was absolutely divine! Loved the matching colors too! Also loved Amanda's pasta salad - it was delicious - I want that recipe! Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I was really excited to meet everyone that I hear J talk about -- it was a lot of fun!I just wanted to thank everyone again for taking the time out of your day to celebrate with us this special event. Even those that don't know us that well - it was very nice! And thank you Anna and Tom for coordinating everything - we had a great time!!

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May 05, 2008

No turning back now...

On Friday - Jt and I took off to head down and get a special piece of paper .... our marriage license!
We are getting married and now the County knows about it!

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March 24, 2008

It's the small things...

That make me deliriously happy. And by small - I mean small! Stamps to be exact. I have always loved the look of vintage stamps on the invitation envelope. A cluster of randomly beautiful stamps that grace that envelope is what I wanted. Getting it is a completely different story.
A nod to my Wrangling days

The sad state of affairs with Georgia's water supply

A nod to the industry that brought J and I together

Um...a pretty simply blue stamp?

The Elk....those who know..just laugh.

The most frustrating thing is to find one stamp that I really love - and can only find 100 of them out there in cyber space! 100?? That isn't even going to cut it. So at this point - I have a plethra of stamps which may or may not make it into your mailbox.
The magnolia doesn't really constitute as a vintage stamp - however it is quite beautiful, extremely close to my colors, and represents the south! What is more southern than a magnolia?

This one was definitely tricky to find - and therefore might not be on everyone's envelope. On January 2, 1788 - Georgia became the 4th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. A little history lesson for everyone! It features our state tree - the live oak - with the Atlanta skyline in the background! (And it also has my lucky number on it!)

I felt I need to also find a stamp that represented J. He was a little trickier - because all of the neat ones I found were also $300 per stamp. After searching for a couple weeks - I quickly ordered the following. You think this is an accurate representation?

I have also have some surprise ones heading your way...that might represent you. Look for it in the next couple of weeks!

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February 12, 2008

A little closer to 30

How sad that I couldn't actually post on my birthday! Oh well -- My birthday was Sunday and I had a great time down in Florida! Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes and love! Here's a another exciting year!


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January 22, 2008

What is this card for?

My father asked when he opened his mail. I had to explain that they were STD's and he could put it up on his fridge. He replied (after making a funny comment on the STD's Acroynm)- I know when the date for the wedding is - I am paying for it!! But it is now on the fridge ;)

As of now - everyone should have received your Save the Dates. They have been a little bit of a process since the company I dealt with to print them really messed them up and took two months to ship. However - water under the bridge because people have received them!

My dear friend Jenny helped collaborate with me on the design. I absolutely love how they turned out! Jenny is a Graphic Designer and if you need some creativeness - please don't hesitate to contact her! Her website is http://www.jcthompsondesign.com/
And I had such a darn time finding stamps that matched and refused to spend a lot of money creating them. Therefore - I scavanged up these old True Blue stamps -- which I think are adorable!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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January 14, 2008

Phew...We can now rock and roll!

As with everyone, the holidays got a little crazy around here. However we are back to the grind and I have some updates on our latest finds (love a little rhyme).

Something that has been a point of concern lately is the music. I loved a band and the band was booked (as luck would have it), therefore I needed to find a new source of tunes. While I was distracted with the idea of finding an identical band to the one I love, I realized that that could simply not happen. Everyone has their own groove which makes them popular. So I switched to Gigmasters to see if they had any suggestions. Talk about a wealth of information...I was suddenly getting quotes left and right and tons of CD's in the mail. I eventually booked one based on their amazing lead singer's voice and the energy that I felt when I watched their video.

A couple of months later, I was still worried. While most of the bands had been very prompt in responding to my emails - there were pauses of communication sometimes spanning a week. I grew more worried and started to research new bands. J convinced me to give them a chance and let's check them out.

Check them out we did...this past weekend and boy am I glad! We drove to Birmingham, AL and stayed the night just to watch them play at Cafe Firenze. (If you are ever in that area, the Crazy Cajun next door has excellent food!) I am so glad that we had a chance to chat with them and everything helped reassure me that we picked an excellent band to get our people dancing and laughing. They explained why there was a disruption in the emails and that it will get better. They were so down to earth, J and I talked to them for quite some time. Then we sat back and listened to them bring the bar to their feet.
So ladies and gents -- we can now rock way into the night!

If you want to check them out further - click away! Nationwide Coverage


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