January 22, 2008

What is this card for?

My father asked when he opened his mail. I had to explain that they were STD's and he could put it up on his fridge. He replied (after making a funny comment on the STD's Acroynm)- I know when the date for the wedding is - I am paying for it!! But it is now on the fridge ;)

As of now - everyone should have received your Save the Dates. They have been a little bit of a process since the company I dealt with to print them really messed them up and took two months to ship. However - water under the bridge because people have received them!

My dear friend Jenny helped collaborate with me on the design. I absolutely love how they turned out! Jenny is a Graphic Designer and if you need some creativeness - please don't hesitate to contact her! Her website is http://www.jcthompsondesign.com/
And I had such a darn time finding stamps that matched and refused to spend a lot of money creating them. Therefore - I scavanged up these old True Blue stamps -- which I think are adorable!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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