December 07, 2007

Meeting LaRaine

I want apologize for the lack in posting lately - with school, work, and holiday activities ... things have been busy! But that is no sorry! (on with the show...I dress hunt) When I decided I needed to hit up more bridal shops - it was prime football season in the south. And Saturday games leave little time for Saturday fun (outside of a tailgating party). So I decided to continue this hunt by myself. I didn't want to bother my girlfriends (who are all avid UGA fans), so this bee (GA TECH) tried to buzz off by herself!

LaRaine's Boutique was the only shop that Alisa from Kelly's Closet starred. She explained that I would absolutely need to go there.

I made a Saturday morning appointment and then wondered what would happen if I found the dress and didn't have a second opinion! I had left all my girlfriends out of planning because I knew they were going out of town for the UGA game in Athens. After getting yelled at by J (for not including the ladies and not having enough fun) and J telling his Best Man that he had to go with me (boy you should have seen the wide-eyed shock on his face), and calling my brother to find out that he would love to go - but he was already in Peachtree City, I called my MOH's Sister-In-Law. She has been helpful, informative, and very enthusiastic about all things wedding - so I was elated when she agreed. Little did I know - my Maid of Honor decided to delay her trip to Athens just so she could go with me too!! She rocks...

We met the infamous LaRaine and she helped us with all of our dresses. After she explained the layout of the store - we selected about 5 dresses that we wanted to try on. She lets you change by yourself in the dressing room and simply zips you up when you come out. It was quite nice! She was very helpful and it is funny because she also said that Kelly's Closet was the ONLY other salon that they recommended to their brides as well.

The three of us at LaRaine's Boutique in the Virginia Highlands. MOH on right.

Paloma Blanca above and below

This was pretty -- but walking would have been difficult!

And then I found this. Alfred Sung - Paradise. It was so different from anything I had seen - I loved the chiffon - you could swirl around and around and it felt so romantic! The downside was that could have also been a very beautiful maternity dress :( But...once I showed it to everyone else -- the majority of them were slightly amused rather than excited. Have you ever gotten that kind of reaction? Had your sights set on a dress (or something else) and everyone else simply disagree? Maybe it means a better dress is on the horizon?

....stay tuned for the second visit to La Raine's Boutique with both Maids of Honor and the Mother.

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