November 27, 2007

Finding magic in Kelly's Closet

So...unlike most women, I had completely put off finding my dress. I am not sure if this is because I don't think I will find something I like, I don't want to spend more money than budgeted, or I don't want to waste the weekends running around Atlanta. I simply decided to find a dress online, send it to my friend's Aunt's dress shop in the Philippines and call it a day.

But...I felt like I was neglecting my mother. Here is her chance to go shopping with her daughter to find that one special dress and I simply thumbed my nose at the idea. She didn't make any noises about it, just sat patiently by while her middle child quickly became consumed with guilt and started to make some appointments. The first one isn't worth mentioning - we practically snuck out of there. But the second one...I am so happy to sing their praises because it was the experience I needed.

Kelly's Closet, near Little Five Points, was an incredible experience. Since I made the last minute decision to go dress shopping, I emailed them that Sunday morning. They quickly responded with times they had available and we picked a 3:00 p.m. slot. It is the cutest boutique which has both street clothes and Bridal dresses. FYI: you must make an appointment for the Bridal side.

Alisa helped us and I couldn't have imagined a better person to steer us through their unique designers. She was funny, helpful, and took the time to figure out what I was looking for (because I didn't quite know myself). She introduced us to some fun dresses and the only qualm is that I wish I could have taken pictures there! It was great because we didn't feel rushed and felt like we could have spent the whole afternoon there, just laughing and gabbing away!

Out of all of them, here are my top picks!

Australian designer Mariana Hardwick designed this simple number. I didn't think I would love the strapless A-line - but it was quite flattering on!
This "Kitten" Amy Michelson dress was a little too sexy for my mother! But the front is rather simply and pretty - it would just give everyone in the pews something to gasp at ;) It's called Flash... go figure! The one I tried one had a cross made of silk, not the bedazzled version in the pictures below.
Our favorite though...the one we call our Lottery dress - was by Justina McCaffrey! If only we won the lottery...then I would be walking down the aisle in this number! Simply beautiful and classic!

As you can see -- I am quite all over the place in trying to select my nuptial attire!

Overall, we spent a wonderful afternoon with Alisa going over so many options. She was so sweet to us, even when she realized that we didn't find the dress we wanted, simply saying that I shouldn't settle! I couldn't have been more in love with Kelly's Closet. All the dresses gave me a romantic and whimsical feeling!

I walked out slightly disappointed simply because I wanted to buy my dress from such wonderful people - but a majority of their dresses were more than I was willing to spend. Alisa gave me a list of other shops that she recommended and starred La Raine's Boutique as the first shop I should visit next. I really appreciated her honesty!

I also received a sweet postcard in the mail from Alisa the next week, just checking up on me! I highly recommend them to ANYONE shopping in the Atlanta area for their dress! Do you have any hidden dress finds in Atlanta? My shopping wasn't as where else would you recommend a bride to shop (and find great customer service)?

Next stop...La Raine's Boutique.

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Those are all so gorgeous! It must be a hard decision.