November 25, 2007

Sliding in Some Color...

Another check off the list! Over this holiday week - I had a couple of goals set for myself and succeeded! :) Easiest one off the list was to create the liners for the envelopes! For those that would like a step by step - I have included one below! All I ask is that you please ignore the bright yellow and red chili cloth over the table!! My mom uses that to protect her work table and it is thoroughly distracting!!! My apologies!

This is a simple process to complete if you are organized and ready to simply get it done! I have to make approximately 250 therefore I tried to use the 12x12 paper that I bought efficiently. See the supplies below :)

84 12x12 Daisy D's Paper
250 Envelopes from Paper Source
Paper Source Envelope Liner Template
Roll On Permanent Runner

1. Take the 12x12 and cut it down to make the stencil easier. I line the paper three dashes after the 6 inches and cut the paper.
2. Take the wider piece and copy the template for a 5.75" square. You can fit two on this piece of paper. I modified the height of the template (see below) in order to conserve more paper.
3. Use your trimmer to cut the other piece down as well (Three dashes before the 6). If you rotate the paper vertically, you can fit one more stencil. Save your scraps for future projects.4. Using scissors - cut out the liner - saving scraps for future projects. I put the boys to work on this! Simply hand them scissors and a beer and they will cut until the football games are over!
5. Flip over the liner and put tape on the top part that fits into the flap.
6. Slide it into the envelope, design up, and once secure - fold over the flap to "close" the envelope. This is how I make my crease.
Voila! Beatiful envelope liners (minus the utterly tacky red hot chili peppers!) A simple and easy way to add some color to your invitations.

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