November 08, 2007

Water vs. the Twins


I would like to think that almost everyone checks their horoscope at least once a month ... whether in a magazine, online, or in the newspaper. I find it entertaining and some truth, which keeps me always coming back. J doesn't really care either way - but when we first started dating - I sent him 'updates' on his personality vs. mine - it always gave us a giggle. So here we go --

I was born on a Wednesday....
AQUARIUS * Abstract thoughts* Loves reality and abstract * Intelligent and clever* Changing personality * Temperamental * Quiet, shy and humble * Low self esteem * Honest and loyal * Determined to reach goals* Loves freedom * Rebellious when restricted* Loves aggressiveness * Too sensitive and easily hurt * Showing anger easily * Dislike unnecessary things * Loves making friends but rarely shows it * Daring and stubborn * Ambitious * Realizing dreams and hopes * Sharp * Loves entertainment and leisure * Romantic on the inside not outside

He was born on a Thursday...

GEMINI * Thinks far with vision* Easily influenced by kindness * Polite and soft-spoken * Having lots of ideas * Sensitive * Active mind * Hesitating* Tends to delay * Choosy and always wants the best * Temperamental * Funny and humorous* Loves to joke * Good debating skills * Talkative * Daydreamer* Friendly * Knows how to make friends * Abiding * Able to show character* Easily hurt * Prone to getting colds * Loves to dress up * Takes time to recover when hurt * Brand conscious* Executive * Stubborn * Those who loves me are enemies

So what do they say about us together?


Hold on to your hats! This oddly dressed couple may change the way the world thinks all by themselves. Who could better relate with the far-out Aquarian know-it-all then the bright Gemini? Others may laugh at the fairy tale ideas of these two air signs but that's okay. They know it's only a question of time before they'll be understood. Gemini will appreciate the freedom Aquarius gives and anyway, here's someone who has as many friends as you and who will become instant friends with all your friends.

Gemini Man & Aquarius Woman
This is tied with Libra and Aquarius as being your number-one soulmate love match. The Gemini boy and Aquarius girl combination is excellent because you really appreciate the most interesting qualities in each other. You are both intelligent, insightful people and you will delight in the amazing conversations that you have together. You also share each other’s taste for variety and new experiences, so you’ll have a lot of fun together. Your physical chemistry is strong and romance for both of you is more creative and fun with each other than with most other signs. You will have the best of both worlds in this relationship, because you will be both great friends and great romantic partners. A real soulmate match. (Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate Guide)

In Gemini boy, Aquarius girl finds a kindred spirit that can keep up with her on an intellectual level. Not one to fall for shallow handsome types, Aquarius girl will find thrilling company and a wealth of inspiring ideas with her Gemini companion. What could be sweeter? (FunGirl Astrology)

Some famous couples...

Seal (Aquarius) and Heidi Klum (Gemini);

Overall - it sounds like we are in for a fun ride!! Did you ever check your compatibility when you first starting dating??

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Gem was just a nightmare for me.