May 19, 2008

Allianz Love...

I had no idea that I was getting a shower from my company. I mean - you always hope they think enough of you to have a party for you - but you never assume. So to admit that I was completely surprised and floored when I walked in to a party - it a complete understatement.

Dave and I went out to get pizza for the office for lunch and when we got back the conference doors were closed. Immediately curious - but not suspicious - I asked where to put the food since our usual place was occupied. Phil, my boss, walked around the corner and said - in the conference room! Even more confused - I just looked at him. And he swung open the doors and everyone yelled surprise! I just had this cheesy smile on my face and when I walked in and spied my future husband, I just kept on grinning!

My office is absolutely amazing and I loved every little detail that they thought of!
I had a great time and it was an awesome party!

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