May 19, 2008

The invitations...

Hopefully everyone has received their invitations. It has been a slightly frustrating week as we keep receiving more invitations with the wrong addresses (sad!). So for those that are wondering - yes you are invited and it should get to you any day now!! And if it gets lost in the mail - you can now see them below!

If you remember the stamps I wrote about here, they took forever to put on - but I absolutely loved the result! There were a couple of different set ups - depending on the recipient. Family and friends in MN and TX received their statehood stamps. I sent most of the Georgians the statehood and water conservation stamp as a joke! And most golfers received the Bobby Jones stamp!

Jenny Thompson Sciullo originally designed the invitations however they were too hard to Gocco. Brandon Watkins helped me redesign them to make it easier to gocco. He was wonderful as I put him through so much because I couldn't decide what I wanted. I think they turned out great though!! If you don't know what the Gocco is - see below! You have to basically print it screen by screen - wait for everything to dry and then print the next image. Below is the first image for the invitation.

He was incredibly helpful! I had these prints all over the house trying to dry them!

The simplicity of the invitations were modeled after Mrs. Penguin's on!

I purchased a stamp from Sweet Papery on etsy and loved how it looked on the back of the invitations! I hate that I have to 'ruin' the entire design!

My best friend - Mrs DPT wrote all the invitations! I love her handwriting - so simple and beautiful. I hate that I have to also cross out some of her writing - but I am sure some people would appreciate a little privacy!

All in all - I loved the entire process! It took me a while - but I am proud of them and learning a new craft - Gocco here we go!

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