May 19, 2008

A little loving from EMC

This past Friday, we drove to Birmingham to the open arms of Jt's Office! They generously through us our first shower and it was quite exciting!

We were a little nervous because (a) We were late due to traffic/construction (b) I was meeting most of the office for the first time and (c) because we knew all eyes would be on us! And we both are a little intimidated of actually being in front of a big crowd. Don't get me wrong - we are as boisterous as they come - with the people we know!

They catered yummy BBQ (J's favorite) and the cake was absolutely divine! Loved the matching colors too! Also loved Amanda's pasta salad - it was delicious - I want that recipe! Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I was really excited to meet everyone that I hear J talk about -- it was a lot of fun!I just wanted to thank everyone again for taking the time out of your day to celebrate with us this special event. Even those that don't know us that well - it was very nice! And thank you Anna and Tom for coordinating everything - we had a great time!!

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