October 15, 2007

The Fabulous Francesco

Before this ever happened, we were in Italy to celebrate my best friend's wedding. It was one of the most endearing and beautiful weddings I have ever witnessed. And the best part is...
you can witness it as well because her photographer, Francesco De Tito, did an amazing job! My office gasped and oohed over her pictures...and it was then that I began to hope that maybe this skilled Italian would be willing to make a flight across the pond to little ol Georgia!

Ori & Francesco awaiting us at the reception to capture the night!

At first the cost of a photographer, plus two plane tickets overwhelmed me. I tried to figure out if this was actually necessary or if it was simply a far fetched desire. Thinking that I was completely impractical - I started my search for photographers stateside again. However - every now and then I would click on Danielle's slideshow and feel the emotions of her grand day and knew that was exactly what I wanted! I talked with J, my parents, my family, my office....I wanted someone to just call me out for being starry-eyed and romantic with the thoughts of an Italian Photographer clouding my vision. But they didn't...they said if this is what I wanted...to go for it. S, a wonderful woman in my office, said that everytime she watched the slideshow she got so excited and thinks that would be the only photographer for me!

All that I wanted was to have all day coverage, the negatives, an album, and a creative photographer! Francesco and Ori (his lovely wife) were wonderful to deal with and are very fair! I was blown away at their generosity and kindness! Such amazing people and I cannot wait until they get here in June!

Please see the magic that is Francesco De Tito:

All images courtesy of http://www.detitofotografie.com/

Funny thing .. I caught Danielle's bouquet 2 days before J proposed...


Davide said...

Great choice!
Hi, I'm Davide and I married my wife on 8 June 2007 in Capri. It was beautiful and the legendary Francesco made it unforgettable due to its photos (you can see the slide show on Francesco De Tito blog).
Good luck.

sweet t said...

Thank you Davide! I think your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Here's hoping the Georgia scenery can compete and do justice like Capri & Positano! Thank you for the well wishes!