October 07, 2007

I love my bride ladies...

Actually -I love all of my ladies and I really wish I could honor them by having all of them in the wedding! But that isn't practical nor reasonable and just plain selfish. Besides ... who would be sitting in the audience??

In the beginning, I got too excited about the whole process and asked them right away. However, despite my rash actions - I wanted to also send them a little something. I absolutely loved all the handmade cards that most ladies make but my energy level was a little sad and lacking. Enter Pier 1 and Swoozies to the rescue.

I decide to simply write them a note (on really cute Crane & Co cards) with all of my love and appreciation and attach to it a little gift. I must admit that the gift had a double meaning - and for that I was a little shamed. However - they were all well received.
For those that are curious - I gave them an aqua candle from Pier 1 that would help them choose the color of their dresses. They can buy whatever they want as long as it is cocktail length, no sleeves, and aqua-ish.
It is my wish to make the process not too expensive in being my lady ... therefore I thought to simply allow them to buy whatever dress they wish. Have you (as a bride or bridesmaid) done this and was it difficult? I am worried it might be hard to find a dress in the right color with the right requirements. I would love feedback to ease my mind. Maybe I am simply being too lazy and should find a reasonably priced dress for them....what think you?

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