October 13, 2007

Those who draw light...

Derived from the Greek Language, Photography is best translated as 'drawing the light'. I think that is a wonderful explanation and this is why it is so important to so many people, especially on a wedding day. Photographers are soley responsible for capturing the emotion and essence of any event. The only tangible thing you might have in 10 or 20 years would be the paper which holds the image they produced. This is why brides (and grooms) stressfully search for the one
(Image courtesy of BTO's Blog)

I must admit .... I did stress and wonder and worry. I love photography and I wanted someone to creatively document this important day so even a stranger would sigh at the love they saw! Pretty sappy huh? :) Of the ones I met with or research...my favorites follow:

Nam Nguyen at BTO Photography. I love his work ... and unfortunately he was already booked! He was such a pleasure to chat with on email and answered every question for me! He even provided a list of recommended photographers when I found out he was booked. He was just that nice .. and for that I really wish he was available! I absolutely love his engagement shots! He has beautiful wedding images as well -- Please check out his website!!

All Images Courtesy of BTO's Blog

Also inspiring and equally creative is Matt Yung along with his wife Melissa. He was also extremely nice and informative on his emails and I only wish he was available. He was also recommended by Nam and I love his style. The emotion he captures gets me excited for my wedding day!

All Images Courtesy of Matt Yung's Blog

Jessica Horwitz is also another talented Atlanta Photographer! She takes beautiful picture of just about everything! She is so full of energy and really wants to take the time to know you as a couple before the wedding rolls around! I loved looking through all the amazing books she brought to our meeting!
All Images Courtesy of Jessica Horwitz's Blog

One of the last photographers I met was recommended by my good friend. I decided to trust her instinct and really enjoy him! Jason Bromwell of Cliq Imaging! Both Jason and his assistant, Bri, made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. They had a wonderful new studio up in Cumming that they just opened. I really enjoyed talking with them and knew they would make my wedding day beautiful! Try as I might - I couldn't nab any pictures from their website! Please visit it though as they are really great people and photographers!

While all the talented people I met could definitely cover my wedding with skill and creativity ... someone else had already caught my eye ... before I was ever engaged...