October 19, 2007

Rain Dance...

can you please do one?? It needs to rain here..actually it needs to start raining for awhile in order for me to enjoy lovely flowers at my reception next June. That is selfish...I know...here we are in the middle of one of Georgia's worst droughts, when AL, FL, and GA are fighting over water rights, when there are watering bands county wide and brown grass for miles and all I am worried about is my wedding. Selfish...but I can't help if you are hoping for a Spring full of flowers too and decide to do a little jiggle ;)

I went down to my parents' place this past weekend and thoroughly loved just walking around, imagining the beauty of next year. My father is a weekend gardener and I have always loved his creations! Some of our fondest memories are building crooked beds and filling them with whatever we wanted. We weren't exactly precise and sometimes placed enemy plants next to each other...but we simply loved to watch things grow and bloom. It has been 8 years since they built this house and we started the landscaping as a family. It is just amazing to see all the progress...I guess now is the time to plant drought resistance flowers though!!

I hope you enjoy the buckets of color that I found in our backyard this fall...I can only hope for more for our reception in the spring! Do you have worries about issues out of your control? (i.e. weather) How are you handling these future dilemmas?

And here are some of the flowers we are planting that will bloom next May/June: (All images courtesy of Park Seed Co )

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