October 09, 2007

Chocolate Covered Goodness...

...just arrived in our office ... and I want to go back for seconds!

Cherries Divine™ is an Atlanta based creation of husband and wife team, Andy and Stacey Freeman, with his mother, Linda's, secret recipe. I discovered this best kept secret through Stacey's daughter - Kbo - which is my friend and colleague!

I must admit that I do not particularly care for chocolate covered cherries .. or at least...until I tried this amazingness! The chocolate simply melts away to reveal a large cherry wrapped in sweet butter cream that proves to be most satisfying indulgence I have enjoyed in a long time! Best of all - there are five different varieties that you can order as either personal or corporate gifts! (Christmas is right around the corner!)

The Fabulous Chocolatiers (Linda, Andy, and Stacey Freeman)

All taste buds aside, these treats are even shipped with indulgence! They come wrapped up in a custom box that provides state of the art cooling which delivers the cherries in perfect condition! The chocolate experience starts with the beautiful box arriving at your doorstep!

Besides Christmas presents, these would make perfect gifts for your wedding party, parents' thank yous, or one of your vendors that made your day amazing! Or better yet -- treat yourself! You deserve it!

All images courtesy of http://www.cherriesdivine.com/

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DeeDee said...

Ohh yummy,yummy!
Isn't life just full of little coincidences?!? Chocolate covered cherries are always on my Christmas List. My Grandmother always got them for Christmas. Everyday, she made an occasion of doling out "just one" for each of us. What a sweet memory!
(She said candidly)
lov ya do