October 11, 2007

Rock the Night Away...

...this is one of my biggest wishes! I always wanted an amazing band for I feel they truly create the passion and the mood for the evening. When things are slowing down...they are responsible for inspiring you to get out of your chair and let loose! What a challenge!

I thought I had found the one...in fact...before I ever got engaged, I had! I attended an insurance convention in Amelia Island two years ago with J and witnessed the above emotions happen. The floor was packed full of dancing smiling people!! And I am talking about insurance people -- not always the most exciting or lively bunch (believe you me, I am in the industry) and they had them up there until late in the evening dancing. It was beautiful! I must admit that I made J grab their card and told everyone they were going to be the band to play at my wedding!!

And I wanted them so badly when I finally got engaged...unfortunately, some other lucky couple got to them first! So lucky couple -- I wish you well -- you darn eager beavers!! ;)
The Grapevine Band - check them out! You won't be sorry for they are highly entertaining and they all look so darn cute in their suits and glasses. They have the Blues Brother thing going on! They are a 10 piece band which includes saxophone, trombone, trumpet, 2 percussionists, plus many more! They have a very diverse range from Motown, R&B, Beach, Pop,60s-70s-80s rock, and much more! Check out one of my favorites by them! "Brickhouse"

Maybe the lucky couple will change their date??

All pictures courtesy of http://www.thegrapevineband.com/

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